Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ghee – Eat This Healing Healthy Fat

The Royal Oil – This is the ancient name given to clarified butter, also known as Ghee in ancient times.
With the invention of impostors like margarine and all sorts of manipulated oils in the name of saving us money and promises of better health, ghee fell from its lofty position. The good thing about this is that none of the health properties of ghee has changed.
Ghee still tops the chart for promoting Health and Longevity. Ghee should be used sparingly because it is a fat and because of its properties, a small portion will add a huge amount of flavor to any dish. That said, with respect to its health giving properties ghee can - Help extend the life of human cells - enhancing longevity as it
 Facilitates better digestion
 Naturally regulates metabolism
 Enhances memory, intelligence and brain health
 Is a versatile heart healthy fat
 Help you resist free radical damage
 Does not need refrigeration
 Makes sauces and cooked veggies taste terrific
 Helps you eat yourself younger with vitamin A D and K and choline.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Star Fruit Salad – Celestial!

Nestled in a tray in the fruits and vegetables aisle in an H.E.B grocery store in Texas was a tiny box of about 12 light yellow Star Fruit, also known as Carambola. I bought one. This little gem of tropical goodness is prevalent in the Caribbean when it is in season and available summer to late winter. When cut diagonally the slices are shaped like a star.
Among its many benefits:
 Star Fruit is rich in antioxidant value,
 Loaded with protective Vitamin C. to assist you in flu season,
 Has antimicrobial properties
 And is known for lowering cholesterol.
Like most vegetables it helps to regulate bowels and can even sooth indigestion and manages hangovers. Carambola is high in oxalic acid and should be avoided if you have active kidney disease.
This fruit also makes a heavenly looking salad. This salad is simple. All that is involved is slicing the fruit diagonally and serving with your favorite vinegar and oil dressing. Place the diagonal slices of starfruit so that it covers the plate with stars and put the cucumbers at the rim to add crunchiness. Add this fruit to your salads now to experience optimum health this winter.
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