Thursday, July 1, 2010

Health Healing Broth

What you might ask makes this a healing broth recipe. If the broth is made with mostly vegetables and herbs it can be used to balance the pH or acid/alkalinity of your blood. This is the genesis of healing. Your excellent health depends on this hydrogen ion or pH balance. Remember pH measurements from high school? What they neglected to tell you is that it is a major body fluid measure of how healthy you are and how resistant you will be to serious illness.
I am not even going to write this healthy healing soup in recipe form least you start thinking of cooking and go into cooking is hard to do. Here it is…
For this healthy eating broth you will need to shop for:
4 Carrots unpeeled, 4 stalks of celery, green leafy vegetables like Kale, Mustard and collards, 2 unpeeled Onions and or Leeks, I pod of unpeeled garlic, ½ bunch Parsley, 2 Red potatoes, 1 Sweet potato, 1 8-inch strip of Dried Kombu sea weed, 2 Bay leaves, a few Baby Bokchoy, a few Black peppercorns, a few Allspice berries and or Juniper berries and a large piece of Ginger about 3 inches.
Use a large stock pot about 12 quarts filled with water to about 2 inches below the rim.
Rinse all the vegetables; add about two or three large handfuls of all the green vegetables, add spices and other ingredients to the water, cover and bring to a boil.
Then remove the lid, decrease the heat to low and simmer for about 2 hours. Be sure to set a timer for every hour least you forget about the simmering pot. At this time, add more water if there is evaporation and the vegetables are above the water. Taste for the essence of the vegetables... Add one tablespoon of salt if desired. Remove from burner. Cool, strain in containers and refrigerate. You should have about 6-7quarts. Use it to make healing soup recipes or just heat and drink it instead of other soft sugary drinks that make your body acid and can lead to detrimental illness like cancer and diabetes. Expect to slow your aging, and feel great!