Saturday, October 6, 2012

5 Wellness Secrets to Slow Aging and Feel Great

Chances are if you take a look at older people around you will find various circumstances that can provoke your senses about aging. When you think about aging even if you are just 30 years old, how do you feel? The constant media sound bites to purchase a ton of wrinkle creams, sexual energy booster pills, ask you doctor for even more medication and have your food delivered to maintain your weight. And of course you can always nip and tuck… Isn't this daunting? Here are a few ideas to lift your spirit. Start with nourishment. It is the source of human energy. Insist on only eating fresh food about 80% of the time. Make a major effort to eat well while you are younger. Let’s consider the food wise way, without pain suffering and lifetime medication. An improper diet will gradually disrupt all your organ systems. Usually premature aging give clues such as hypoglycemia, high blood pressure, lack of resistance to cold and flu viruses, skin problems, stomach ailments, brittle nails and weight gain. Train your mind to separate nourishment from desire so that you can make food wise choices 90% of the time. If not you might be looking at aging symptoms earlier than you think. Purposely seek to boost energy. Exercise helps. A friend of mine took up dancing after a divorce and a diagnosis of IBS. This activity turned his health around, and in no time he was in love, looking and feeling younger than ever. While his last kid was getting ready to go off to college, he was getting married to his new love. Sure you can join the gym, but there are plenty of other chances to move, like walk the dog, yoga, bike riding any thing that increase your heart beat and helps regulate your energy. Regularity counts. Forget about parking a long way from the door at the grocery store. You need a movement rhythm to your life. Something you can look forward to doing 3 or 4 times per week. This will keep your metabolic rate up as you use all the food you eat to build muscle and less fat. Change your dieting attitude. A new attitude can help you resist fad diets and have a richer relationship with yourself. Run away from fad diets and companies that make food for you. This is dis-empowering. Seek out foods that boost your immunity, bones and brain power. You will then stay well and slow your aging. Miss this and you will eventually be asking your doctor for some medication for aging ailments. Live the 'no shelf life' life. Learn to cook. People who cook are in control of their energy and therefore their power. Foods with shelf life ingredients cause wear and tear on the body. Humans do not have the genetic coding ability to metabolize them. They end up as debris in our joints causing inflammation and the aches and pains associated with aging. Can you really look forward to this? Consider cooking beneficial foods that are new to you. If you like Chinese food but never bought ginger. Find recipes and make a dish with ginger. Ginger will boost your immune capacity and nothing slows aging like a full functioning immune system. You might never have to fight cancer! Visualize your future. Develop a clear vision of you as an older person looking 15 years younger. People always guess my age to be 45 and I am in my 60's. What will you wear? Clothes to cover up a fat belly or something stylish that will show of your figure. Go through magazines and pick out older people that look terrific. A good magazine to people watch is Town and Country. Resist looking at prepared food model spoke persons. The always seem to gain the weight back it must be the shelf life. Declare a new personal philosophy of how you will approach each day of your life from now on. Resolve to have a quiet mind so you can experience peace. Some people might even call this seeking a higher spiritual level. Use these two tried and true methods - Keeping a journal of your progress and clearing your mind with meditation. It takes a huge hunk of generosity of spirit to change a habit. How generous will you be with yourself? This is not the 30 day diet. Remember aging is a continuous process so the refinement to slow aging is continuous. The ultimate goal of this process is contentment. Will you still need every fad diet that comes along or will your level of contentment put a stop to all food cravings?

Friday, October 5, 2012

How thin people think about food

I got this request: Looking for experts who can answer some questions/provide some insight into the way thin people think and provide tips to help readers shift from “fat thinking” to “thin thinking.” For example, thin people rarely feel the need to finish everything on their plate, and when eating, they focus on the physical feelings in their bodies (fullness, hunger) rather than emotional feelings (anxiety, sadness). I'm looking for quotes, so answers should be complete, interesting and well-developed (but short). Email only. Here is what I answered - There are healthy thin people and unhealthy thin people I am a healthy thin person. I am 5’ 4 and I keep my weight at a healthy 128 – 130 lbs for the past 40 years. I am also a wellness coach and author of an award winning cookbook. Thin healthy people have a set rhythm of eating that boost metabolic rate. For example I eat 5 times a day - breakfast, snack, lunch snack, dinner. Thin people actually make an effort to make healthy choices and they do not rely on the same fast food diet every day. Thin people have adapted to thinking of food as nourishment, and not simple as pleasure or stifling emotions. Thin people seek out markets and business that serve fresh food and in great variety. For example a restaurant that not only serves chicken or beef but will have turkey, quail, crab, lobster and shrimp in the menu. Thin people think seriously about portion control. They make an effort to choose portions that are in keeping with what they estimate will help them maintain a healthy weight.

Food and Celebration, Rituals and Traditions

Life in society is made up of traditions. Usually traditions are carried out with celebration and rituals. By the time we celebrate our first birthday, we get our first taste of the foods of celebration: ice cream and cake. As we get used to the traditions of our country and ethnicity, we realize that food is a vital part of maintaining traditions. Starting with Christopher Columbus and his crew, we want to carry our food with us wherever we move, adding it to another country’s own celebrations and traditions. I did not grow up with Halloween. But before I became enamored with wellness I used to raid my kids trick or treat bags. Celebration and traditional foods are associated with fun and comfort. I would say that most of them could even be called “fun foods” or “comfort foods.” Most comfort or fun foods are made with simple carbohydrates like sugar and are combined with fats like butter, such as ice cream, cake, and pastries and chocolates. I would not even consider suggesting that you eliminate these from your diet. However, I would say consider what they represent, and notice how often in a day or a week you are seeking joy or comfort from such food. Ask yourself why and what else is possible for you to create comfort and joy on a daily basis. It’s not the once-per-year Valentine or Easter candy, or the various birthdays, that can harm a balanced diet, but your daily rituals. Check and see how often in one day you reach for that sweetened drink, even if it is sugar-free. If you perceive that you are feeding your sweet tooth, you are out of the realm of celebration and into cravings or addiction with food. Becoming aware of your problem with a certain food is the first step to easing out of such an addiction and moving towards what you want to experience for yourself. Since most of our cravings develop in childhood because of the beliefs and traditions that were imposed upon us, we unconsciously accept them as the truth. This is your chance to examine your beliefs consciously, to see if it is true that the foods and traditions you are clinging to still bring you comfort, joy and good health. Or, consider if you are afraid that you would be missing out on something wonderful without them. If you become aware of having a difficult time with food cravings, and can’t imagine making the food changes you want without difficulty, you might want to seek guidance. Authors like Wayne Dyer’s who once had to deal with alcohol addiction show us in his book, Your Sacred Self, new possibilities for you. He teaches you how to notice what you do and how to change, now that you know better. With the help and guidance of these books, pretty soon the change will seem effortless. You can even make up your own celebration menus that support the life you want to create in order to maintain your youthfulness. My quest was one for maintaining health as well as youthfulness and so my book, Eat Yourself Younger Effortlessly, was born.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How to Age Without Gout

Like all reaction in the body that result I pain, gout can be easily managed with anti-inflammatory drugs. However after a while the human immune system gets tired of the drugs and it becomes ineffective and that results in “flare – ups” Since gout is caused by an overload of purines some doctors recommend a low purine diet. However, if your purines get to low you will have problems in making new cells to keep the body in a balanced state of wellness. Another approach is to manage the Hydrogen Ion (pH) of the blood and eat foods that maintain a neutral blood pH for human which is about 7.4pH or slightly higher. I like this approach because at this blood pH all body organs function properly. The immune system which is mostly in the blood is happy and does not put out inflammatory signals like pain in joints and gout. Fortunately it is possible to eat a diet with foods that maintain a healthy pH. This is the hard part. Most people are set in their ways and do not care to change their diet permanently. However, for gout here are some of the common food culprits – Beer, wine, beef broths, beef, fried chicken, duck, liver and fatty fish, mushrooms and the vegetable spinach. These foods are high in purines. Also strive to develop a balanced attitude to sugar and foods that turn into sugar quickly in the body. A good example is white bread and crackers. He will also need to limit sweet drinks like sodas, and try to keep his sugar in-take at around 40 grams of sugar a day. To get relief from gout it is wise to drop these foods for a while, this gives the liver some ease from processing alcohol. But first and foremost you will need a reset of your mindset about coming to terms with true nourishment for your unique metabolism. This is where working with a wellness coach can work wonders for your progress.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Imbalance Nutrition and Premature Aging

Clues of premature aging show up when your body has symptoms and signs of aging that do not correspond with your actual age. I learned this lesson when I was 19 years. I went to the doctor for nausea and a host of digestive problems, and he ordered a pregnancy test because he said I was too young to have these symptoms. It turned out that after the test and some horrible stomach and colon tests, he said to me, “I wish I was reporting that you were pregnant, because the only other reason for these symptoms could be that you are stressed out and eating improperly because of your upset stomach.” At the time, I was in a disgusting office atmosphere and secretly putting up with sexual harassment by the top official. Everyone was shocked when I quit my job. There goes the end of the stress. I then started my pursuit of the best nutrition for my situation, and I am still on that quest. I noticed that I feel better if I eliminate certain foods and add something that is more beneficial for me. Imbalances in nutrition show up long before there is a crisis. It is a good thing to note why you are out of sorts, or always dealing with minor illness, or taking over-the-counter drugs for ailments that don’t necessarily require a prescription. Minor symptoms like frequent indigestion, heartburn, brittle hair and nails, insomnia, proneness to yeast and fungal infections, weight gain, frequent colds, mood swings or lack of joy, lower back pain, aching joints and muscles, complexion problems, constipation, and blood sugar imbalances can be wake-up calls for you to boost your nutritional intake, before these turn into chronic aging problems. Once you focus on eating to be younger, it will balance your internal energy and help you to resist cellular stress. Then your organ systems will perform as if they were younger and resisting aging. This change in eating can take you from feeling blue to feeling happy that you are doing something very good for your body. This shows up in your outward appearance as the traits of youthfulness, such as lots of vitality, healthy skin and nails, and an attitude that is full of joy and great expectations for life. After a while, when you become very familiar with your new eating habits, it will seem effortless to you. A new habit I adopted was to eat more fruits and vegetables. To get more fruits and the antioxidant power from them, I started making smoothies. Here is one that might be considered exotic. Tropical Dreams Smoothie This is a real pick-me-up. Make this smoothie when you really want to be somewhere warm, wonderful and exotic. Guava nectars are available in leading grocery stores in small bottles or 12 oz. cans. Buy pineapples when they are in season, peel and cut into small pieces and freeze in plastic freezer bags or containers. Guavas have a bioactive substance that is beneficial to healthy prostate function. Pineapples are high in manganese, a trace mineral which supports the energy-producing packets of human cells called mitochondria. This smoothie slows aging as it brings more vim and vigor for you. Ingredients ½ cup guava nectar 1 tsp. fresh lime juice ½ cup fresh frozen pineapple ½ cup plain low-fat yogurt 5 ice cubes Steps Add the nectar and lime juice to a blender. Add the pineapple and all other ingredients. Blend until smooth. A half-serving of lactose-free, low-sugar protein powder would make this a balanced breakfast meal. Use a low-carbohydrate (1 gram) whey protein that mixes instantly with liquids. Add the protein powder after the smoothie is blended but still in the blender. When added, stir it in on the lowest setting of the blender.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

10 Things You Can Learn From The Book

10 Things You Can Learn From The Book Eat Yourself Younger Effortlessly 1. How to get the right portion size for you. One of the biggest problems of keeping an ideal weight and staying healthy is ignoring portion size. Usually people tend to ignore portions if the dish is tasty and or sweet. Getting recipes that serve one or two persons is a good guide to help keep portion size under control. 2. How to make a variety of your own salad dressings. Commercial salad dressings have large amounts of fat and chemical additives that are not advantageous to a keeping a healthy body. 3. It is a confidence booster for aging healthy without illness. Using this book will vastly increase your knowledge and help you feel more confident about your food decisions 4. You will learn to open your awareness about ingredients in fresh food that you can experience without having to take a multivitamin ever. 5. Also, how to use food to maximize your chance of avoiding illness like cancer using healthy eating tactics. 6. You will learn how to experience ease instead of disease as you age. You can expect to be fit as a fiddle as you make the right food decisions for sustaining your body organs and systems. You will also learn what foods are culprits in aging. 7. You will experience inexpensive ways to reduce your medical bill. It takes time, energy and money to be sick. Plus you miss all the fun things you can do as a well person. 8. You will experience how to save money on your food bills. Cooking fresh buy using natural healthy fresh ingredients will pay off in the long haul both in better health and having a well stocked pantry with no expensive takeout and commercial food. 9. How to avoid causes of aches and pains – inflammation. If you eat the ‘Eatyounger’ way you will definitely take your body out of inflammation mode, with no arthritis pains and ailments associated with joint distress. 10. How to enjoy better emotional health – the idea of taking time to secure your body will make you feel like a conqueror and a winner. This is a big boost to overall emotions

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Look Good Feel Great Vitamin

Let’s consider Vitamin C! There those who would toot its horn as the anti aging vitamin because of its prevalence in beauty products that ‘turns back the clock’. And then there are some that call it – the winter vitamin, giving protection against seasonal ailments like colds and flu. It is my pick for the feel great, look good vitamin. And it is my conviction that a fresh orange with its high vitamin C content can assist your immune system to perform at tip top function, while also helping you to feel great and look good. This vitamin is also my pick to slow your aging because of it propensity to protect from common ailments associated with poor brain function such as Alzheimer’s disease. And that’s not all; this vitamin shows up in so many fruits and vegetables, you will be sure to find it in your favorite fresh food. For instance because of the synergy in fresh fruit, while you are eating a cherry because it is in season, cherries as well as protecting your brain cells from free radical damages also offer a good amount of vitamin C. It is best to eat vitamin C very fresh. For instance parsley is very high in vitamin C. Cooking destroys the properties of the vitamin, and using as a garnish is just not appreciating its properties; but using it to make parsley pesto and enjoying it with fish, meat or just whole wheat crackers is using it to its best advantage. Decide to eat rich vitamin C fruits and vegetables that have enzymes documented to keep you younger by helping with digestion and absorption of nutrients. To get the best from the enzymes in fruit they should be eaten fresh. Consider cherries but not cherry pie; make a strawberry smoothie or salad but serve the strawberry ice cream to the grand kids. Eat vitamin C from fresh citrus instead of processed sugary juice drinks. Make it easy on your cells to quickly benefit from the Vitamin C. Vitamin C is said to be a volatile vitamin, which means that its healing properties can be easily destroyed by heat. So fruits that are high in vitamin C should be eaten as fresh as possible and kept away from any process that requires long cooking and frying. For Instance, red bell peppers are extremely high in vitamin C. To get the most value when considering vitamin C, they should be cut into thin strips and used in salads, instead of cooking them. Vitamin C is the vitamin that is known to keep your immune system alert to preventing you from infections like cold and flu, in the event that you are exposed to microbes associated with these health hazards. One of the easiest and most effectively inexpensive ways you can adopt to secure your health is to purposefully plan to add more vitamin C foods to your diet regimen. For instance, have fresh squeezed orange juice at breakfast, have parsley pesto with wheat crackers as a snack and serve Broccoli at dinner. This way you are getting little snips of vitamin C throughout the day. This is a highly protective habit you can adopt to ensure that you stay in good health throughout your adult life. And the more vigilant you become at searching out fresh foods with vitamin C, the more you will experience health at a level where you feel great and look good. You might even go on a search for foods high in vitamin C, and add them to your healthy lifestyle eating plan. I hesitate to call this a diet, it is more of a determination to secure your wellness and get the best out of the opportunities to defy illness as you age. Plan on approaching aging with experiencing fresh food and defying diseases associated with aging, brought on by making poor diet choices. Also purposely add more beneficial vitamin C foods to your diet such as kiwi, papaya, broccoli, spinach and fresh green cabbage and experience aging feeling great and looking good.