Sunday, July 29, 2012

10 Things You Can Learn From The Book

10 Things You Can Learn From The Book Eat Yourself Younger Effortlessly 1. How to get the right portion size for you. One of the biggest problems of keeping an ideal weight and staying healthy is ignoring portion size. Usually people tend to ignore portions if the dish is tasty and or sweet. Getting recipes that serve one or two persons is a good guide to help keep portion size under control. 2. How to make a variety of your own salad dressings. Commercial salad dressings have large amounts of fat and chemical additives that are not advantageous to a keeping a healthy body. 3. It is a confidence booster for aging healthy without illness. Using this book will vastly increase your knowledge and help you feel more confident about your food decisions 4. You will learn to open your awareness about ingredients in fresh food that you can experience without having to take a multivitamin ever. 5. Also, how to use food to maximize your chance of avoiding illness like cancer using healthy eating tactics. 6. You will learn how to experience ease instead of disease as you age. You can expect to be fit as a fiddle as you make the right food decisions for sustaining your body organs and systems. You will also learn what foods are culprits in aging. 7. You will experience inexpensive ways to reduce your medical bill. It takes time, energy and money to be sick. Plus you miss all the fun things you can do as a well person. 8. You will experience how to save money on your food bills. Cooking fresh buy using natural healthy fresh ingredients will pay off in the long haul both in better health and having a well stocked pantry with no expensive takeout and commercial food. 9. How to avoid causes of aches and pains – inflammation. If you eat the ‘Eatyounger’ way you will definitely take your body out of inflammation mode, with no arthritis pains and ailments associated with joint distress. 10. How to enjoy better emotional health – the idea of taking time to secure your body will make you feel like a conqueror and a winner. This is a big boost to overall emotions

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Suburban Style Challenge said...

I really need to cook for myself more. So much healthier and cheaper...

But portion sizes... that's what I really came to comment on! So many people don't even consider portion sizes, and just eat what's there, and overeat as a result. It makes a huge difference once you start paying attention or portion sizes, as well as your body. Knowing when you're full, versus just eating everything that's in front of you, makes a big difference. If anything, you just feel better after a meal.