Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Look Good Feel Great Vitamin

Let’s consider Vitamin C! There those who would toot its horn as the anti aging vitamin because of its prevalence in beauty products that ‘turns back the clock’. And then there are some that call it – the winter vitamin, giving protection against seasonal ailments like colds and flu. It is my pick for the feel great, look good vitamin. And it is my conviction that a fresh orange with its high vitamin C content can assist your immune system to perform at tip top function, while also helping you to feel great and look good. This vitamin is also my pick to slow your aging because of it propensity to protect from common ailments associated with poor brain function such as Alzheimer’s disease. And that’s not all; this vitamin shows up in so many fruits and vegetables, you will be sure to find it in your favorite fresh food. For instance because of the synergy in fresh fruit, while you are eating a cherry because it is in season, cherries as well as protecting your brain cells from free radical damages also offer a good amount of vitamin C. It is best to eat vitamin C very fresh. For instance parsley is very high in vitamin C. Cooking destroys the properties of the vitamin, and using as a garnish is just not appreciating its properties; but using it to make parsley pesto and enjoying it with fish, meat or just whole wheat crackers is using it to its best advantage. Decide to eat rich vitamin C fruits and vegetables that have enzymes documented to keep you younger by helping with digestion and absorption of nutrients. To get the best from the enzymes in fruit they should be eaten fresh. Consider cherries but not cherry pie; make a strawberry smoothie or salad but serve the strawberry ice cream to the grand kids. Eat vitamin C from fresh citrus instead of processed sugary juice drinks. Make it easy on your cells to quickly benefit from the Vitamin C. Vitamin C is said to be a volatile vitamin, which means that its healing properties can be easily destroyed by heat. So fruits that are high in vitamin C should be eaten as fresh as possible and kept away from any process that requires long cooking and frying. For Instance, red bell peppers are extremely high in vitamin C. To get the most value when considering vitamin C, they should be cut into thin strips and used in salads, instead of cooking them. Vitamin C is the vitamin that is known to keep your immune system alert to preventing you from infections like cold and flu, in the event that you are exposed to microbes associated with these health hazards. One of the easiest and most effectively inexpensive ways you can adopt to secure your health is to purposefully plan to add more vitamin C foods to your diet regimen. For instance, have fresh squeezed orange juice at breakfast, have parsley pesto with wheat crackers as a snack and serve Broccoli at dinner. This way you are getting little snips of vitamin C throughout the day. This is a highly protective habit you can adopt to ensure that you stay in good health throughout your adult life. And the more vigilant you become at searching out fresh foods with vitamin C, the more you will experience health at a level where you feel great and look good. You might even go on a search for foods high in vitamin C, and add them to your healthy lifestyle eating plan. I hesitate to call this a diet, it is more of a determination to secure your wellness and get the best out of the opportunities to defy illness as you age. Plan on approaching aging with experiencing fresh food and defying diseases associated with aging, brought on by making poor diet choices. Also purposely add more beneficial vitamin C foods to your diet such as kiwi, papaya, broccoli, spinach and fresh green cabbage and experience aging feeling great and looking good.

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