Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How to Age Without Gout

Like all reaction in the body that result I pain, gout can be easily managed with anti-inflammatory drugs. However after a while the human immune system gets tired of the drugs and it becomes ineffective and that results in “flare – ups” Since gout is caused by an overload of purines some doctors recommend a low purine diet. However, if your purines get to low you will have problems in making new cells to keep the body in a balanced state of wellness. Another approach is to manage the Hydrogen Ion (pH) of the blood and eat foods that maintain a neutral blood pH for human which is about 7.4pH or slightly higher. I like this approach because at this blood pH all body organs function properly. The immune system which is mostly in the blood is happy and does not put out inflammatory signals like pain in joints and gout. Fortunately it is possible to eat a diet with foods that maintain a healthy pH. This is the hard part. Most people are set in their ways and do not care to change their diet permanently. However, for gout here are some of the common food culprits – Beer, wine, beef broths, beef, fried chicken, duck, liver and fatty fish, mushrooms and the vegetable spinach. These foods are high in purines. Also strive to develop a balanced attitude to sugar and foods that turn into sugar quickly in the body. A good example is white bread and crackers. He will also need to limit sweet drinks like sodas, and try to keep his sugar in-take at around 40 grams of sugar a day. To get relief from gout it is wise to drop these foods for a while, this gives the liver some ease from processing alcohol. But first and foremost you will need a reset of your mindset about coming to terms with true nourishment for your unique metabolism. This is where working with a wellness coach can work wonders for your progress.