Monday, July 30, 2012

Imbalance Nutrition and Premature Aging

Clues of premature aging show up when your body has symptoms and signs of aging that do not correspond with your actual age. I learned this lesson when I was 19 years. I went to the doctor for nausea and a host of digestive problems, and he ordered a pregnancy test because he said I was too young to have these symptoms. It turned out that after the test and some horrible stomach and colon tests, he said to me, “I wish I was reporting that you were pregnant, because the only other reason for these symptoms could be that you are stressed out and eating improperly because of your upset stomach.” At the time, I was in a disgusting office atmosphere and secretly putting up with sexual harassment by the top official. Everyone was shocked when I quit my job. There goes the end of the stress. I then started my pursuit of the best nutrition for my situation, and I am still on that quest. I noticed that I feel better if I eliminate certain foods and add something that is more beneficial for me. Imbalances in nutrition show up long before there is a crisis. It is a good thing to note why you are out of sorts, or always dealing with minor illness, or taking over-the-counter drugs for ailments that don’t necessarily require a prescription. Minor symptoms like frequent indigestion, heartburn, brittle hair and nails, insomnia, proneness to yeast and fungal infections, weight gain, frequent colds, mood swings or lack of joy, lower back pain, aching joints and muscles, complexion problems, constipation, and blood sugar imbalances can be wake-up calls for you to boost your nutritional intake, before these turn into chronic aging problems. Once you focus on eating to be younger, it will balance your internal energy and help you to resist cellular stress. Then your organ systems will perform as if they were younger and resisting aging. This change in eating can take you from feeling blue to feeling happy that you are doing something very good for your body. This shows up in your outward appearance as the traits of youthfulness, such as lots of vitality, healthy skin and nails, and an attitude that is full of joy and great expectations for life. After a while, when you become very familiar with your new eating habits, it will seem effortless to you. A new habit I adopted was to eat more fruits and vegetables. To get more fruits and the antioxidant power from them, I started making smoothies. Here is one that might be considered exotic. Tropical Dreams Smoothie This is a real pick-me-up. Make this smoothie when you really want to be somewhere warm, wonderful and exotic. Guava nectars are available in leading grocery stores in small bottles or 12 oz. cans. Buy pineapples when they are in season, peel and cut into small pieces and freeze in plastic freezer bags or containers. Guavas have a bioactive substance that is beneficial to healthy prostate function. Pineapples are high in manganese, a trace mineral which supports the energy-producing packets of human cells called mitochondria. This smoothie slows aging as it brings more vim and vigor for you. Ingredients ½ cup guava nectar 1 tsp. fresh lime juice ½ cup fresh frozen pineapple ½ cup plain low-fat yogurt 5 ice cubes Steps Add the nectar and lime juice to a blender. Add the pineapple and all other ingredients. Blend until smooth. A half-serving of lactose-free, low-sugar protein powder would make this a balanced breakfast meal. Use a low-carbohydrate (1 gram) whey protein that mixes instantly with liquids. Add the protein powder after the smoothie is blended but still in the blender. When added, stir it in on the lowest setting of the blender.

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