Saturday, October 6, 2012

5 Wellness Secrets to Slow Aging and Feel Great

Chances are if you take a look at older people around you will find various circumstances that can provoke your senses about aging. When you think about aging even if you are just 30 years old, how do you feel? The constant media sound bites to purchase a ton of wrinkle creams, sexual energy booster pills, ask you doctor for even more medication and have your food delivered to maintain your weight. And of course you can always nip and tuck… Isn't this daunting? Here are a few ideas to lift your spirit. Start with nourishment. It is the source of human energy. Insist on only eating fresh food about 80% of the time. Make a major effort to eat well while you are younger. Let’s consider the food wise way, without pain suffering and lifetime medication. An improper diet will gradually disrupt all your organ systems. Usually premature aging give clues such as hypoglycemia, high blood pressure, lack of resistance to cold and flu viruses, skin problems, stomach ailments, brittle nails and weight gain. Train your mind to separate nourishment from desire so that you can make food wise choices 90% of the time. If not you might be looking at aging symptoms earlier than you think. Purposely seek to boost energy. Exercise helps. A friend of mine took up dancing after a divorce and a diagnosis of IBS. This activity turned his health around, and in no time he was in love, looking and feeling younger than ever. While his last kid was getting ready to go off to college, he was getting married to his new love. Sure you can join the gym, but there are plenty of other chances to move, like walk the dog, yoga, bike riding any thing that increase your heart beat and helps regulate your energy. Regularity counts. Forget about parking a long way from the door at the grocery store. You need a movement rhythm to your life. Something you can look forward to doing 3 or 4 times per week. This will keep your metabolic rate up as you use all the food you eat to build muscle and less fat. Change your dieting attitude. A new attitude can help you resist fad diets and have a richer relationship with yourself. Run away from fad diets and companies that make food for you. This is dis-empowering. Seek out foods that boost your immunity, bones and brain power. You will then stay well and slow your aging. Miss this and you will eventually be asking your doctor for some medication for aging ailments. Live the 'no shelf life' life. Learn to cook. People who cook are in control of their energy and therefore their power. Foods with shelf life ingredients cause wear and tear on the body. Humans do not have the genetic coding ability to metabolize them. They end up as debris in our joints causing inflammation and the aches and pains associated with aging. Can you really look forward to this? Consider cooking beneficial foods that are new to you. If you like Chinese food but never bought ginger. Find recipes and make a dish with ginger. Ginger will boost your immune capacity and nothing slows aging like a full functioning immune system. You might never have to fight cancer! Visualize your future. Develop a clear vision of you as an older person looking 15 years younger. People always guess my age to be 45 and I am in my 60's. What will you wear? Clothes to cover up a fat belly or something stylish that will show of your figure. Go through magazines and pick out older people that look terrific. A good magazine to people watch is Town and Country. Resist looking at prepared food model spoke persons. The always seem to gain the weight back it must be the shelf life. Declare a new personal philosophy of how you will approach each day of your life from now on. Resolve to have a quiet mind so you can experience peace. Some people might even call this seeking a higher spiritual level. Use these two tried and true methods - Keeping a journal of your progress and clearing your mind with meditation. It takes a huge hunk of generosity of spirit to change a habit. How generous will you be with yourself? This is not the 30 day diet. Remember aging is a continuous process so the refinement to slow aging is continuous. The ultimate goal of this process is contentment. Will you still need every fad diet that comes along or will your level of contentment put a stop to all food cravings?

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