Friday, October 5, 2012

How thin people think about food

I got this request: Looking for experts who can answer some questions/provide some insight into the way thin people think and provide tips to help readers shift from “fat thinking” to “thin thinking.” For example, thin people rarely feel the need to finish everything on their plate, and when eating, they focus on the physical feelings in their bodies (fullness, hunger) rather than emotional feelings (anxiety, sadness). I'm looking for quotes, so answers should be complete, interesting and well-developed (but short). Email only. Here is what I answered - There are healthy thin people and unhealthy thin people I am a healthy thin person. I am 5’ 4 and I keep my weight at a healthy 128 – 130 lbs for the past 40 years. I am also a wellness coach and author of an award winning cookbook. Thin healthy people have a set rhythm of eating that boost metabolic rate. For example I eat 5 times a day - breakfast, snack, lunch snack, dinner. Thin people actually make an effort to make healthy choices and they do not rely on the same fast food diet every day. Thin people have adapted to thinking of food as nourishment, and not simple as pleasure or stifling emotions. Thin people seek out markets and business that serve fresh food and in great variety. For example a restaurant that not only serves chicken or beef but will have turkey, quail, crab, lobster and shrimp in the menu. Thin people think seriously about portion control. They make an effort to choose portions that are in keeping with what they estimate will help them maintain a healthy weight.

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